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Reading, telling, writing, and Atril,
by Rubén J. Azócar

Ruben Azocar
“I grew up loving reading, which has taken me around the world and to other times with my imagination…”

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      My mother, after earning her degree in Literature from the University of San Marcos in Lima and her master’s degree in Brazilian Literature in Rio de Janeiro, was part of the group of teachers at my grandmother’s school. There, she taught reading and writing, with a special emphasis on reading. So, my first memories of reading come from a book she gave me at an early age: Fables of Aesop and La Fontaine. I remember first hearing them in her voice, then stumbling through the words as I learned to read, and later enjoying them on my own. It was a not very thick, hardbound book with beautiful illustrations and a fable on each page. I always liked the connection to the moral of the story, many of which I still apply in my daily life.

In other parts of the world, my father was born in an oil camp in eastern Venezuela and, through many adventures, misadventures, and even luck, ended up in Lima, where he not only graduated as an Agronomist Engineer from the University of La Molina, but also won my mother’s heart. When my father arrived somewhere, he always lit up and filled the room. He was charming, talkative, an exceptional musician, and had an incredible sense of humor. But, in addition to all that, he could tell anyone a story where his experience blended with theirs, concluding with a life lesson.

From this wonderful mix, I grew up loving reading, which has taken me around the world and to other times with my imagination. I am passionate about educating, guiding, and supporting medical students and anesthesiology residents. Along the way, I have stored events and circumstances that marked my life and often bring with them a moral, a life lesson.

So, at the risk of being a bit immodest, and perhaps because my beard is no longer gray but white and I am completely bald, I began to write my stories. Fortunately, I recently received an invitation to publish them on (Happy Birthday!) and perhaps from this platform, they will serve as a mirror for some, a learning experience for others, and entertainment for the rest.

Ruben Azocar Atril press
Rubén J. Azócar es caraqueño, médico anestesiólogo e intensivista, fanático del béisbol y vive en Boston -desde donde escribe- desde hace más de un cuarto de siglo.

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