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Camelias, by Anna Gunn

Anna Gunn Atril press
Anna Gunn,
Camelias, 2023

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Camélia flowers are the pride and joy of many Portuguese gardens. They first made an appearance back in 1810, when Luis Van Zeller ordered these flowers from England. At the time they were considered exotic flowers – and no wonder.

In 1865, José Marques Loureiro, a famous horticulturist from Porto, participated in the International Exhibition at the Crystal Palace. In this exhibition he reproduced the family tree of the Royal Family of Portugal with camélias made of wax, each one being given a name from the Royal Family.

I quite like the idea of these flowers being Regal and playing the characters of Royal Families.This became my inspiration for this image.


Anna Gunn Atril press

I’m Anna, and I’m a creator based in a little town just outside of Porto in the north of Portugal. For me, the best part of creating is the thrill of not knowing what’s around the next corner, and I’m always looking for new adventures. I use a variety of tools to express myself, but photography, videography, and podcast/audio production are my go-tos. I love sharing my process with others and am always open to mentoring and collaboration to help others grow. I believe that when we support each other, we all become stronger. And one more thing, I particularly love working with female voices and artists. Let’s create something amazing together!
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