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Currents, by Flor Troconis

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 The Currents collection is about the parallelism of our urban world and that of which exists below the sea. The currents and flow of water are a metaphor for life to me… water is omnipotent- showing up in even the smallest of cracks, like healing in life; its adaptation to its environment resounds with the agility that one must have to ebb and flow in different situations, and its expansiveness to the infinite possibilities that be.

I’m moved by these contrasts, where the perfection of the world below meets the chaos of life above.

Chaos.Perfection. Harmony.

I’m moved by all that is happening to our oceans and find myself floating in a space of self-awareness… the choices that we make can create either a peaceful world or a chaotic one for ourselves and for future generations.

Through art, I manifest the possibility of a more joyous and happy life, like that of the ocean.

Although it might sound cliché, I feel I have a responsibility to share that joy and happiness through my art and to spread the love.

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Flor Troconis Born in the lush South American country of Venezuela and raised between NYC, Caracas and Los Angeles, Flor developed a visual palate that nourishes and guides her artistic career. Driven by an adventurous and curious spirit Flor has traveled
extensively, residing at various times in many cities around the world. Currently she divides her time between London and Miami. Each habitat has enriched her art with unique revelations, color palettes, organic geometries, concluding in balanced harmony.
Flor is a self-proclaimed perpetual student of life and art- with a background of formal studies that began in interior design, then liberal arts at Bennett College in Millbrook, NY, moving on to NYC to the renown Parsons School of Design, and later at The Brentwood Art Center of Los Angeles.
Flor has exhibited in such keynote cities such as New York, LA, London, Brighton, Cadaques, Istanbul, Caracas, and Miami, receiving rave reviews while engaging her humanitarian concerns with links to charity organizations. Flor is a firm supporter of helping those in need and has championed activism her whole life focusing on children.

IG: @flortro


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