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Joyful awakening,
by Leonor Henríquez

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     The truth is I felt strange seeing myself in my new sports outfit and running shoes, at six o’clock in the morning, jogging through the park.

Maybe I have heard so much about discipline, habits, fitness, nutrition and all those concepts that I generally completely ignore, that they finally convinced my very reluctant subconscious.

Recently, someone told me that, at a certain age, you begin to lose muscle mass and the only effective way to prevent that loss is to lift weights.

Euphoric, after jogging, I stopped at the gym and started lifting, yes, incredible: weights. The mirror gave me a very encouraging image, strong and disciplined, another me.

I returned home around eight in the morning hungry and motivated by all this dietary advice that I often receive on social media, so I prepared what they call a “healthy breakfast.”

Before me, the image of a green pancake, made of spinach, of course without real flour, or eggs, surrounded by that thing called tofu and sprinkled with a shower of seeds of unknown origin, but very healthy, yes. All this accompanied with lemon juice and green tea.

My face was pure satisfaction.

Just as I was about to sink my teeth into the super nutritious pancake, the alarm clock rang.

I woke up in a cold sweat.

There were no jogging shoes, no weights, and no green pancake with tofu anywhere.

What a relief! It had all been a dream, more like a nightmare.

I got up with a voracious appetite.

I proceeded to prepare myself some toasts with butter and two fried eggs with ham. All this accompanied with a strong, creamy, and sweet coffee along with a piece of cake.

Now this is what I call a joyful awakening.

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Leonor Henríquez (Caracas, Venezuela) Civil Engineer by training (UCAB 1985), writer and apprentice poet by vocation. From her time in engineering emerged her Office Stories (1997), another way of seeing the corporate world. Her latest publications include reflections on grief, Hopecrumbs (2020) ( and “The Adventures of Chispita” (2021) ( an allegory of life inside Mom’s belly.
Today she shares her “impulsive meditations” from Calgary, Canada, where she lives.

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