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Mothers Graces, by Anna Gunn

Anna Gunn Atril press

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Featuring vibrant garden roses, delicately painted in shades of rose and yellows, a graceful butterfly flutters with elegance, their delicate wings carrying a message of growth, freedom, and the enduring power of a mother’s love. At the base of this idyllic scene, a solitary beetle, symbolising strength and protection, stands as a guardian, ensuring the harmony of this picturesque moment.

I invite you to let the beauty of these blossoms and the presence of these gentle creatures remind you of the immeasurable love and nurturing spirit of mothers—their tireless support, their unwavering guidance, and their ability to inspire us to spread our wings and embrace life’s extraordinary possibilities.

At its heart showcases these fragrant garden roses, discovered in the enchanting town of Guimarães, Portugal, just a day before the country celebrated the cherished occasion of Mother’s Day. These roses, carefully chosen, embody a symphony of colours and fragrances, symbolising the profound love and gratitude felt towards mothers everywhere.

A simple tribute to the nurturing souls who selflessly give love, support, and guidance.

Anna Gunn Atril press
I’m Anna, and I’m a creator based in a little town just outside of Porto in the north of Portugal. For me, the best part of creating is the thrill of not knowing what’s around the next corner, and I’m always looking for new adventures. I use a variety of tools to express myself, but photography, videography, and podcast/audio production are my go-tos. I love sharing my process with others and am always open to mentoring and collaboration to help others grow. I believe that when we support each other, we all become stronger. And one more thing, I particularly love working with female voices and artists. Let’s create something amazing together!
Foto: @teresabagshaw

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