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The key, by Leonor Henríquez

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I lost a key.

An important key.

I panicked and began a desperate search.

First, I looked in the most obvious places, my handbag, pockets, drawers, shelves.

I tried to find a spare one, but nothing.

I took a deep breath and decided to undertake the search more serenely.

The worst that could happen would be having me to call a locksmith.

I invoked my new mantra for this year: everything can be resolved.

Calmly, I retraced my steps from the beginning of the day.

I started looking at unexpected places and corners, and while I did, I found pleasant surprises. As it usually happens, we find treasures while looking for something else.

So, it was.

I found a postcard, in my mother’s handwriting, Bariloche, 1977.

The “Romancero Gitano” (Gypsy Ballads) by García Lorca, who brought me the verse of… the lanterns went out and the crickets were lit…

A cigarette from the love of my life, hidden at the bottom of a shelf, perhaps from the time when he tried, unsuccessfully, to quit.

For a moment I forgot about the key and let myself be carried away by the pleasure of the search.

I filled my hands with the dust of memories.

This is how I found a lost earring, a South African coin, a bone-shaped cookie from my grumpy but beloved dog, Sancho, my four-legged knight.

Suddenly the lost key appeared, there it was, laughing, on the entrance table. The truth is that I did not feel much joy finding my key and a reminder of my lack of attention.

The adventure of the search had been much more fascinating to me than the finding.

There I was, sitting on the floor, plethoric, with my hands full of dust, an old postcard, a poem, an earring, a coin with the aroma of baobabs, lions and elephants, memories of my dear pet, an unsmoked cigarette, and that other key.

The happiness one, maybe…

www.atril .press Leonor Henríquez e1670869356570
Leonor Henríquez (Caracas, Venezuela) Ingeniero Civil de profesión
(UCAB 1985).
Escritora y aprendiz de poeta por vocación.
Desde muy joven participó en talleres de escritura creativa en el CELARG, Caracas.
Sus ficciones fueron publicadas en la antología Voces Nuevas (1990-91), y
más adelante su testimonial, Existe la Luz (1995).
De su paso por la ingeniería surgieron sus Cuentos de Oficina (1997), otra manera de ver al mundo corporativo. Entre sus últimas publicaciones se incluyen sus
reflexiones sobre el duelo, Hopecrumb (2020) y “The Adventures of
Chispita” (2021), cuento infantil, una alegoría de la vida en el vientre materno.
Hoy en día comparte sus “meditaciones impulsivas” desde Calgary, Canadá, ciudad donde reside.

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